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ESC Congress 2016: Where to eat, stay and dance in Rome


When in Rome, do as the Romans do – a sentiment that sums up the perfect business trip to Rome. Don’t go where every tourist is going, go where even the Romans are queueing to get a closer look. The ESC 2016 in Rome is an ideal opportunity to discover the Eternal City off the beaten track. While the ESC Congress makes for a valuable exchange of information as well as the chance for networking with leading researchers, a business trip to Rome should always include at least some Italian flavour. Rome wasn’t built in a day – that means there is a lot to discover for tourists and locals alike.

We have assembled some inside tips for your next business trip to Rome – whether you’re taking part in the ESC Congress or any other event – these are the sights you need to appreciate before heading back home again.

The Roman Palate: Where to Eat in Rome

Italy in general and Rome in particular are famous for their spectacular cuisine. The Eternal City is crammed with good places to regain your strength after a busy day at the ESC Congress. Fancy restaurants with excellent house wines, tiny places with loads of character and homemade fettuccine as well as food markets that will introduce you to the real Roman palate at a reasonable price.

Armando al Pantheon: the authentic. Situated right in the heart of Rome next to the Pantheon, this little gem has it all – traditionally Italian cuisine sporting the timeless classics in all variations and a prime location. Start your Italian meal off with a classic such as Spaghetti all aglio with spicy pepperoncino, aromatic garlic, dripping in virgin olive oil, ripened under the warm Italian sun. If you can stomach more deliciousness, try the spelt dumplings in truffle sauce – you won’t regret it! Frozen custard with almond cookies and sweet wine will leave you speechless – and replete.

Marzapane: the stylish. This one is hard to get in – so make sure you reserve in advance. No wonder, since its was voted one of the best in the city. This beautifully decorated restaurant offers Italian cuisine with a twist – the chef likes to add some of her Spanish flavour. Nevertheless, the Romans have accepted this gem as one of their own. Come here to enjoy a wonderful dining experience consisting of high-quality ingredients turned into exquisite meals.

Vineria Litro: the cozy. This stylish venue has a solid focus on local wines and offers an impressive collection of vermouths and mescal. The natural wines by small Italian producers are hard to come by elsewhere – so make sure you don’t miss out on this location. Naturally, you won’t have to drink on an empty stomach. Vineria Litro offers delicious meats and cheeses and a range of soups and rice dishes to go with that special wine bouquet.

One Night in Rome: Do it the Roman way

The Romans tend to start their nights late – so there’s enough time to recuperate after your delicious Italian dinner. Whether it’s a sophisticated evening, a ground-shaking party or a relaxed drink with friends you’re looking for – Rome has the place for you.

Stravinskiy Bar: the civilized. Situated within the walls of 5* luxury Hotel de Russie, Stravinskij Bar offers a private piazza for an eclectic crowd. Everything in here radiates classy elegance – luxurious armchairs, soft lighting and a unique ambience. Come here to enjoy exotic cocktails, leisurely aperitifs and light meals in an award-winning Roman oasis.

No.Au: the relaxed. If you’re in the mood for good wines, Italian beers and substantial snacks, then No.Au is the right place for you. The laid-back atmosphere of this little gem in the heart of the centro storice is perfect for an evening with newly met colleagues, old friends or even a night out alone.

Vinile: the infamous. Vinile is one of Rome’s hottest night clubs and would not be out of place in New York or London. It’s located on one of the busiest streets in Rome’s nightclub neighbourhood and offers live music ranging from folklore to swing. When the live music ends, the DJs enter the stage. If you’re not in a dancing mood, but still want that club ambience, there’s a lounge waiting for you at the Vinile.

Last but not least: A Place to Stay in Rome

Each year, the Eternal City is visited by huge amounts of tourists. Naturally, you will find an abundance of hotels, hostels and B&B’s – there’s an accommodation for every budget. However, it can be tricky to find a place to sleep that will cover your every needs and still be reasonably priced. That makes finding the right accommodation in Rome a bit of a mission in itself. However, with a little help from your friends at Mice Maker Events, you will find your dream hotel in no time. Contact us for the best hotels in Rome at unbeatable rates.

To book your stay in Rome, please contact Alexander Höge at MICE-MAKER on +49 (0) 89 37 98 76 26.

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